The Coolest Woman and Her Coffee

Anyone with any good sense knows not to come between the coolest woman and her coffee… At least anyone who knows her well.

Photo by Chevanon Photography from PexelsThe most decadent, delicious, aromatic coffee can be a deep pleasure, or a searing pain, given the situation surrounding the moment. Some moments come with pain attached.

I’m a bold driven marketer, the Solution Expert, many have called me. And more often than not, I drive that market with a cup of coffee.

A recent experience sent me hunting cover for a moment or two to extract myself from a relationship that ended in bitter feelings.

Still reeling, I’m going to share it with you. Because I believe there’s cause for concern when relationships become so disposable.

Let’s visit the coolest woman and her coffee…

woman and her coffeeWhere the coolest woman and her coffee gather to meet clients, more often than not is her desk, over the internet… It’s more convenient, and she’s easiest to connect with in that manner, since most of her clients can live miles away, some in foreign countries.

Communication can be an issue though… For some.

As a business owner, the coolest woman has learned that her time is valuable, and in many cases sets boundaries for time to talk that may not be “income producing” but yet is conversation regarding her work as a consultant.

The big difference between working consultation, and friend chats, is the topic. If you’re looking for a friend, the Coolest Woman is an amazing friend and she’ll offer love over and above what you might ask.

There’s a big difference between a friendly chat and a consultation. Just like many other workers, a consultant should be paid for her knowledge and for what you take away from her. Even… If she’s JUST your friend.

Let's do coffee!