She’s the Coolest Woman on the Planet

 There are days when I look back and know how badly I messed up my life… And some of those are all night adventures, as I cry into my pillow hoping nobody hears. I don’t want anyone to know… Because they might recognize, as I do, that She’s the Coolest Woman on the Planet

That woman whom I call Mom.

No, really. You’re probably wondering how I know… Well… I’m going to tell you how I know she is the coolest woman on the planet.

She’s the one who was there, every time I needed a shoulder. Or when I just wanted to talk. She’s the one who listened, responsively, whenever I needed her to hear me.

She often played the, “and then you said?” Or “what did he say?” game and drove me absolutely crazy… Because I didn’t want to rewrite the story. I just wanted her to hear it. But she made me replay it, so I would know what happened.


She was smarter than the average mom, and far more interested in what I did than most.