Raising the Bar, Making a Difference For Better Existence and Living on the Planet

By Jan Verhoeff

“Are you up for a challenge?” These questions always come when you least expect them, time just keeps marching on and the days become weeks, months, and eventually years, before you get that one big ‘thing’ accomplished in your life. So, there it was, the question of a lifetime, sitting in front of me, demanding an answer.

One of my best friends wanted to know if I was up for the challenge, and I wasn’t sure. Our hometown needs encouragement, the people need hope, and there’s got to be a way to tell them that life is still good. There’s a continuum of prosperity and they can make a difference by simply moving forward and doing what they do best. I nodded and we started working on the plan I’m about to share with all of you.

· Meeting the Challenges Head on

Political change comes and goes, but people essentially make the difference. No matter who’s at the helm of this nation, the people on the backroads of America are the ones who truly change our reality of life. Change starts at the bottom and works it’s way up. If we’re willing to raise the bar for our own lives and make a difference, the change happens.

· Determine the Change and Pursue it

Make a choice and determine what you want, then start the process by first doing, then by encouraging your friends and family to do it too. Our goal to live greener by using less packaged food was actually the start of a war on trash. In our small community, it had little to do with keeping the earth safe, and far more to do with stopping the growing mass of landfill that threatened to take over the sand hills east of town.

· Do One-Step-At-A-Time and Make it a Habit

When you start too many projects, you become overwhelmed with the massive change that just doesn’t come easy. Simply do one thing at a time, do it for 21 days, and allow it to become a habit before you add the next phase. Whether you’re the Coolest Woman on the planet, changing your hair color, or the town bottle user, change one thing at a time and do it for 21 days (which is by the way, optimum if you’re coloring your hair, not so much root you can’t cover, and the color is still brilliant).

· Don’t Do It Alone – Use the Buddy System

Seriously, we aren’t meant to go through life alone. That’s why people keep trying the marriage thingie (it works). We need friends to encourage us and help us attain our goals. We need someone there to pick up our pieces when we fall apart. Call a friend. Ask for help. Use the buddy system and work with the other coolest woman to get your own planet in order. The process works, use the buddy system.

· Focus on the Destination – Enjoy the Journey

While we stayed focused on the ultimate destination, a cleaner community, more prosperity for low income families, and better living conditions all around, we determined to make a difference along the journey too. The on-going plan was to ultimately have all those things, using a challenge that would make a difference. But the journey… We decided that in order to get to the destination, we’d need to stop along the way for some nice views, rest and relaxation, as well as refueling. Time with friends, opportunities for celebration, and some loud acknowledgment and gratitude for jobs well done would get the plan started.

With the project of making a difference well on the way, we decided it was time to share it with others. Our little town can’t possibly be the only Hometown USA that needs encouragement. So we decided to announce it to the world, and encourage others to get on board and participate.

Come by http://coolestwomanontheplanet.com and take on the challenge to make a difference in your hometown. Leave a message and tell us what your project or challenge is all about! We want to know, and if you’re not in the USA, that’s okay too. Our town just happens to be at the crossroads of the USA and we’ve chosen that as our motto “Crossroads of Connection”.

© 2008 – Jan Verhoeff