Coolest Woman on the Planet – Five Simple Steps

By Jan Verhoeff

Jan VerhoeffI got an email today from Brad Callen. Whether you know who he is or not – doesn’t really matter; name-dropping isn’t my style. I’ve got better things to do. His email was about creating a new image, making that image sell, and promoting the image over the Internet. The purpose being to create a brand, market the brand, and promote it to sufficiency. His Brand “Coolest Guy on the Planet” works. If you look it up online, it’s being promoted left and right with new contendants vying for the title.

Finding a title, promoting it, and building it to effective acceptance world wide isn’t difficult with the Internet and current publication rates. It wasn’t a far reach to figure out the next step and create the coolest woman on the planet image At the top of the heap looking out past the rest of the world and wondering why anyone would really want to sit there looking at bad hair partings – seems the place everyone wants to be?

Now – to be honest Brad’s anti-thesis to the world is managing to top all the search engine optimizers and acquire a title, while self-proclaiming his fame. Earning his right to that title was as simple as making his site first on the Search Engine when you search for “Wall Tapestries” – plop right there he is, top of the heap, looking out on bad hair partings. I suppose it’s one step further up than delving into low hanging britches, but who really cares? When he points out that his ranking is also first for “Coolest guy on the planet” my piddly brain went to work and said, “Folks who make that search will make one more and I can determine the results of their search. Because ultimately – my purpose is to create Dynamic Content for the Internet while making a few bucks a day, sharing great wisdom, insights, and attributes – all through the production of great content online.”

So, while Brad Callen may well be the coolest guy on the planet, he’s got the wrong body parts to fill the other side of that coin. Coolest Woman on the Internet must be female. Other titles, earned through the effectiveness of brand formation and development are available; what’s your title goal? What label do you want to wear?

In Five simple steps, here’s how the brand gets started:

1. Proclaimed the title with an irresistible smile.

2. Determined to match wits with the coolest guy on the planet.

3. Wrote this article and posted it to

4. Developed a message worthy of being read – with valuable insight to personal branding and marketing

5. Sent out an email and a few messages on some favorite sites inviting folks to view the “Coolest Woman on the Planet” with a link to blogs promoting the plan.

And that’s how it all happened.

Your mission is quite clear. You’ve read the article, probably laughed your way through it – it is rather silly to think anyone could presume such a title and have any credibility at all. Branding is a promotional ideology of marketing. Now, you’ll just have to visit the link and see if you agree? I believe it works –