The Coolest Woman on the Planet? Oh, you might be surprised… A good friend recently posted on Facebook, “I know some of the cool kids. But I’m pretty clear that I’m not one. Are you?” And I had to laugh, because I know I’m one of the cool kids… In fact, I know I’m the Coolest Woman on the Planet, and how I got that position.

Coolest Woman – Raising the Bar, Making a Difference For Better Existence and Living on the Planet

By Jan Verhoeff

“Are you up for a challenge?” These questions always come when you least expect them, time just keeps marching on and the days become weeks, months, and eventually years, before you get that one big ‘thing’ accomplished in your life. So, there it was, the question of a lifetime, sitting in front of me, demanding an answer.

One of my best friends wanted to know if I was up for the challenge, and I wasn’t sure. Our hometown needs encouragement, the people need hope, and there’s got to be a way to tell them that life is still good. There’s a continuum of prosperity and they can make a difference by simply moving forward and doing what they do best. I nodded and we started working on the plan I’m about to share with all of you. (read more…)

The Coolest Woman is …

The Coolest Woman on the Planet is all about comfort. Cozy, spaces, comfortable living, and food that brings joy, sustenance, and appreciation of the finest life has to offer.

She’s about people.

coolest woman on the planet


The Coolest Woman on the planet is the solution expert. She brings solutions together when others my dance around them, or miss them all together. The coolest woman on the planet is all about making solutions happen.

coolest woman on the planetShe’s all about working with others, finding appropriate solutions, and working the systems that help people achieve their dreams. Her effort generates empowerment, fullness, and fulfillment for those who seek her. She offers answers, solutions, and results.



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